About Louis FAGLIN

The maison was founded in 1899 as a buttons maker, the business quickly developed into a high-end cufflinks manufacturer on the outskirts of Paris.
Louis FAGLIN plays an important role in the history and evolution of cufflinks for a number of reasons but the story begins with the invention of the pivoting cufflink. In 1924, foreman Mr. Boyer (the founder) crafted the first version of what is now commonly referred to as the “Bullet-Back Cufflink”. Named the “T Link” during his time, it is still one of the most popular types of cufflinks in circulation today. Throughout the century, Louis FAGLIN was credited to have supplied high end brands with only the highest quality of accessories.

Today, the Louis FAGLIN collection is inspired by authentic, vintage styles from its archive of 15,000 designs accrued throughout the 1900s. The brand has a rich repertoire of rare, authentic, vintage crystals, stones and other raw materials.

Cufflinks archives in Louis Faglin's office

Among the partner craftsmen, Louis FAGLIN works closely with French companies who have been given the prestigious label of “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant,” recognized for their commitment to preserve their living heritage. Certain traditional guilloche and diamond cut engravings still demand the same, authentic hand-controlled machines to create competitive engraving patterns. In unison with computer technology and savoir-faire, Louis FAGLIN synchronizes the old and new materials and techniques to create advanced state-of-the art concepts. Unlike any other modern retailer, it is an authentic brand who that offers legitimate oeuvre d’arts at affordable prices.

Under the direction of Pascal Bertrand, the current and 6th owner, the vintage models are carefully selected and re-created each season, keeping true to claims of “authenticity” and “preservation”. Louis FAGLIN prides itself on its heritage while adapting to the standards of the modern gentleman.

PascalBertrand 6th heir of Louis FAGLIN's legacy