Now that you have a pair of cufflinks, it is important to know how to take care of them and keep them in great condition. Tarnishing may occur due to a natural reaction to oxygen and metals but can be helped with minimal effort. You look very fashionable but you still have care for the cufflinks to continue looking great. When cufflinks are well taken care of, they can literally last you a lifetime!

Cleaning Cufflinks

Sterling Silver or Gold Cufflinks:

Sterling silver tarnishes easily so occasional cleaning is a good idea. For light tarnishing a soft polishing cloth should be used when cleaning sterling silver or gold cufflinks. When there is a lot of tarnishing, use a commercial jewelry cleaning solution which can be found in most home supply stores. It is best to only use a cloth when cleaning gemstones, pearls, resins, or cufflinks with oxidized finishes. If you really want to use a solution, it is best to dilute it with warm water or to use warm water and a light soap. Dry carefully.

Plated Cufflinks and Stainless Steel:

These cufflinks should be only cleaned with a soft cloth to avoid chemical reactions with the solvents used in plated or enamel accessories. When plated with gold, silver, rose gold, or rhodium, it is important to clean more often because these pieces are much more delicate.

Brass and Copper:

These two are the worst with tarnishing so it is a good idea to clean these types of cufflinks regularly with a microfiber cloth. Copper cufflinks need the most attention and requires regular polishing.


To store your cufflinks, a nice cufflink box lined with soft suede would be the best choice. This will prevent scratches and also tarnishing and keep your cufflinks and jewelry shiny all the time. Make sure that there are dividers in the box so that they do not scratch each other as well. You should keep the box out of sunlight and put it somewhere dry and not humid or wet.

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