Weddings are exciting but they can tend to become a little stressful especially when your not exactly sure on what to wear. You’ve waited until the last minute and you still can’t decide. You chose your suit and shoes but your still not certain what kind of tie to put on. When it comes to neck ties, men usually think that there is just one option for them and that they should just get a standard neck tie. There are actually a couple different ties that are perfect for weddings that will make you look awesome.

There a many types of ties but the most common for a wedding are the classic four in hand neck ties, cravats, and bow ties. The classic necktie is the most popular for weddings but there is no set rule as it ultimately boils down to your personal choice and style.

There are many variations of the necktie but for a wedding it is good to wear the classic “four in hand” necktie. This is the typical necktie that we all know and is great for the office, a night out, or for formal events. Neckties come in different styles, fabrics, widths, and colors so the options are limitless. A nice way to show your style is by learning some different knots. You could also try to match the color of your necktie with your belt or shoes to look extra stylish. A nice pair of mother of pearl cufflinks are always perfect for weddings. There are so many different ways to spice up your look!

The cravat is a type of neck tie that uses lighter fabrics and is seen as a very fancy accessory for men. The causal cravat is wrapped around the neck and tucked into an open collar shirt as opposed to a wedding cravat that is similar to a tie but has a scrunched knot. Cravats are usually more old fashioned and expensive than ties, so this may be a reason why it is less common.


(casual cravat) (wedding cravat)

The bow tie is a very fun and stylish alternative to everyday ties and is great pick for a wedding. Not only will you stand out from the crowd but you will also feel very dapper and classy. Bow ties are very popular for weddings and other formal events and is a perfect choice for anyone that wants to try new things and look different.

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There are many ties that are suitable for weddings and can be a great way to express your individuality. As a man it is important that you have at a great suit, dress shoes, and at least two good neck ties in your closet so you are always prepared. It is also good to check with the host to see if there is a specific dress code for the event, but at the end of the day you will know what will suit you the best.