Today we will teach you how to wear Cufflinks. For most of the Gentlemen around this is basic knowledge, and yes it is! But we address today to the new comers and Gentlemen who didn’t wear cufflinks for a long time and need a simple reminder.

Also it is important to say that you need a specific type of shirt done especially for Cufflinks. Or you can make one yourself, which will be the subject of a future article.

Step 1:

While wearing your shirt, fold the cuff together so that both button holes match up correctly. If folding is not necessary, simply pinch the cuffs of your sleeve together so that insides of the sleeves are adjacent to each other.

How To Wear Cufflinks 2


Step 2:

Straighten the small bar of the cufflink and carefully insert it through the cuffs. The decorative part of the cufflink should be show on the outer part of your wrist when your hand is by your side.

How To Wear Cufflinks 2


Step 3:

Depending on the cufflink style, you may need to secure the cufflink to the shirt using it’s rotating backing. Once the bar is inserted through the cuff, you must flip the bar 90 degrees so it is in a horizontal position and is properly secured on the shirt.


How To Wear Cufflinks 3


Now you should have no problem wearing your first pair of cufflinks with your favorite suit and tie. Enjoy looking and feeling extra stylish with this new accessory!


How To Wear Cufflinks 4